Changing Your Lane

As we travel through “life in our lane” we are reminded that our age and experiences may dictate that the scenery is different than where we were before.

Before we turn 16 and get our driver’s license, we long for days of freedom. And then we get behind the wheel for the first time alone, with no one to tell us what to do. That lane is not only full of new responsibility, but freedom.

I put 1500 miles on my car that first month of driving…LOVED that lane.

Maybe some of us have arrived at the place where getting there is just part of the journey, and how quickly we do it is not. That’s another lane altogether…

Kinda know that lane these days, and it’s okay.

Now, here’s where things get dicey…

Are you in the “lane of life” you want to be? If not, what are you willing to do to change lanes?

  • Change careers?
  • Change of scenery?
  • Get training?
  • Change companies?
  • Change influencers?
  • Change, change, CHANGE!

It’s not easy changing lanes. It’s hard work, courageous even. But one thing is for sure, that NOT changing lanes when you need to leads directly to commonly repeated cultural truths. Try these out and see how they fit:

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done you’ll get the same results you’ve always gotten.” (paraphrase of Henry Ford)

“A rut is a grave with both ends kicked out.” (Vance Havner)

“If the horse is dead…DISMOUNT.” (Dakota Indian saying)

Pick one, pick them all, write your own. They all fit. In fact, this blog and my new website were my response to my own need to change lanes…

Here’s the moral we need to grab hold of. There are many lanes we can travel in. Pick one that is not only good for you, but good for others (remember that there are lanes of life that rob others of life – avoid these highways like the plague). Pick the lane where you want to belong and function accordingly – to the rules and standards of that lane/form of life travel. More on this later.

Do the things NOW that get you into that new lane. There, you have permission. Go for it!

What lane do you want to do life in? Do you have the will and courage to make a change? Do you have people in your life who will encourage your new direction, or do you need to find a new set of people?

Proverbs 29:18