If Opportunity Knocks, by ALL MEANS, Answer the Door

As I write this post, our regional oil show has just ended. It was a fantastic time of being with co-workers in our booth, meeting and networking with new friends and enjoying this kind of specialized environment.

We wrote goals as a company for this event. We talked about other vendors whom we knew would be at the show that we wanted to get together with. We talked about our need to include the rest of our amazing team who couldn’t come to the show because someone had to remain behind at the plant to keep things running.

All it takes is one visit with one person to make the entire expense of such an event worth it all.

For those who are not aware of the news the last year, oil prices have fallen dramatically, which of course has coincided with fuel prices dropping to significant lows. It also means that the oilfield has appropriately shrunk as people have been laid off by the thousands.

All of these truths reared their ugly head the last few days at the show.

I can only speculate on the smaller number of vendors who paid significantly for their booth space. Likewise, the crowd that came through was frustratingly small. But everyone gets the reason why.

The field has simply shrunk.

How do you handle a life situation that seems so hopeless that you just want it to end? It is certainly a right to just go through the motions and let it pass by. After it’s over, you pay the price of admission and call it a lesson learned. On the other hand, since it is a costly experience, why not “grind,” working for all your worth to see if opportunity might knock, just once?

That’s really all it takes at a show like the one we went to the last couple of days. Just one good contact that could lead to thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in work.

Uh, you read that right. You shoulda been here last year…

On day one after my shift I spent three hours at the show networking. It was grueling. Booth to booth. It was interesting to visit the depressed and try to be a source of encouragement, along with the grinders who had smiles on their faces and were hopeful to see if maybe, just maybe something incredible might happen. I continued to network away – grinding.

Nothing happened for me until the last 15 minutes of my last shift on the last day. I talked to a significant player in the field for an oil company with an international presence, that had never thought about using the service we provide to improve their bottom line.

Yes, he was intrigued…

I have permission to call him next week to move forward. Opportunity knocked while we we continued to work at what seemed impossible.

You better believe we answered the door…

When was the last time you missed the opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity because you were just going through the motions of work, play, family or life? What changes in your life did you miss? What happened when all the odds were against you but you worked hard, either on your own or with others, only to see opportunity knock and answer the door? How did it change you? How did it change your family, your future?

Proverbs 13:3