A Road Less Traveled

This has been a crazy last week to highlight crazy months of campaigning for President of the United States. We may be looking forward to this chaos continuing through the coming inauguration.

One thing that is for certain, the American public has been learning about themselves during this season of culture shift and struggle. Among these lessons is the importance of having a good name.

The best way to protect your name is to carry yourself in the manner in which you want to be known. If you walk with honesty and integrity, no one will believe it if you are accused of lying. Further, if we are given to hyperbole and personal attack of others, we may end up with others fearing us, but not respecting us.

Huge difference…

It’s hard to get our “good name” back, but not impossible. Perhaps the most difficult aspect is the need to ask forgiveness of others for what we’ve done. We begrudge this action because we are admitting we are wrong. It rankles our pride. It challenges our small vestige of humility. But it does wonders to others around us whose respect and love are necessary for our personal serenity and worth. Secondly, backing up that apology with action changes everything.

Easy to post, hard to do. Unfortunately it’s the road less traveled.

When your name is mentioned among a group of people whom you often relate to, what comes to their mind? Is it good or bad? Is the answer to that question important to you? Whom in your life do you need to have the respect and love of? What is our “road less traveled?”

Proverbs 22:1