Perfectly Imperfect

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been working on a couple projects in my garage. What started out in a flurry has moved into spending a few hours a week on them to keep moving forward. Once I get going, I very much enjoy working with my hands. I also like solving problems.

Speaking of problems, the material I’m using is pretty rough. In order to make these pieces look good, it will require lots of filling imperfections followed by extensive use of sand paper.

Truth be told, these two pieces of furniture I’m building are already driving me nuts because I realize that neither will be perfect. I also understand that the problem isn’t just the rough lumber I’m using, but also the limitations of the builder – me.

When it comes to our personal lives, it’s easy to find imperfections. That’s because the material, well, sometimes it’s pretty rough. And so we add filler and sand, add filler and sand, add…okay, you get it. There’s one other thing that I’ve found to be true. If I try do do all the work myself, the results will never be perfect. And yet it’s those moment of seeing my own coarseness, my own imperfections, that it makes me appreciate Who can help me build a life that adds value to others.

And too often because I’m involved, that perfection is perfectly imperfect…

What are imperfections that you want to change? Whom/what helps you build your life in spite of your imperfections to add value to others? When is it okay to be “perfectly imperfect?”