Warning: This is a political post, a topic which often leads this writer into a stage of depression…read at your own risk. This is an opinion piece.

On Sunday night, October ninth, in the year of our Lord twenty sixteen I watched a football game instead of participating in the American addiction that we call a presidential debate.

So my wife had to give me the high points. Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember any…

So I went to the place that a significant portion of the American population gets their news to find out what happened. Unfortunately, Facebook isn’t exactly a good place to get the truth.

Then I tried the mainstream media. Funny (actually unfunny), it was almost as grossly biased and stilted as the famed social media site.

Here we go.

It matters not who won.

It matters not who lost.

What matters are our convictions in a time when the candidates who’ve survived the American political process seem unpalatable to a significant segment of the population.

Count me in on that one.

Some years ago while living in another state, I made a significant balloting mistake. I voted for a third party candidate who represented my values instead of one of the two major parties. What resulted was the third party candidate siphoning off the base of, in my opinion, “the lessor of two evils”

That’s right, I’ve been here before.

We ended up with a remarkably poor person in that very important position. Within eight months of that politician’s term, they had lost the support of their own party.

I’m not interested in doing that again.

The election this fall will be extremely important. With Supreme Court seats and the current culture war going on in our nation, this election cycle will affect an entire generation.

Pure and simple, at present I will not be voting for a candidate this November, but one of the two major parties and the platform that best represents my convictions.

If you find yourself in a similar position, I hope you will do the same.

Perhaps a point of common ground that a majority of Americans can agree on is that we need to pray for our nation. Lines have been drawn. Salvos are sailing back and forth with a substantial part of our country caught in the middle of the battle zone. I ask that we consider the possibility that we need some miracles to take place to heal our country. May we further consider that this political process has revealed we seem bereft of two things we’ve held dear among our populace; character and integrity.

Lord, help us.

What convictions do you have that are non-negotiables, beliefs that you’ve embraced because they are tried and true? What is the source of your convictions? What convictions do you have because others in your life have influenced you? Are your convictions absolutely true, or conveniently/relatively true? Why does truth matter? 

Tough decisions these days.

Psalm 33:12