New Normal?


The New “Normal”

This election season has created tumult and turmoil within our nation as well as politics beyond our borders. It is likely that we can agree that things have changed in our public discourse and whomever is elected will set a new tone that will create its own peril in sectors of our society.

This is the new “normal” right now.

Cultures shift, methods change and impermissible becomes permissible. These are constants in a society. Even the picture (above) demonstrates a new normal. The home on the right representative of hundreds that dot the North Dakota landscape; empty shells that once represented pioneer families and farms.

It is interesting that many of these homesteads still stand, as if tearing them down destroys a distant value, memory or “normal.”

I would like to offer the concept that our personal response to these changes as individuals is found in where we base our own truth.

Having done work in Central Africa, one thing stood out like a sore thumb. Some of the beliefs/doctrines/truths we have in America, don’t work in Africa. More on this in a later post.

If our truth doesn’t work everywhere, is is possible that perhaps it’s not really…true?

Okay, that was a little painful.

In business there are seasons of change. I’ve found working in the Bakken Oilfield that I can leave for a week of vacation, only to return and find that nuances in sales have changed – sometimes dramatically. Suddenly an oil company has made decisions about whom and how they will be serviced by oilfield vendors (one of which I work for). Word gets out quickly (funny how that works), and then you have a significant shift. Survival among vendors is dependent on shifting a culture, methods, or changing what was once something that they wouldn’t do, to something that will now become of the new “normal.”

Perhaps the easiest example of impermissible becoming permissible is in what is allowed in television related to content. Boundaries have been pushed and changed to what has become the new normal.

This is culture shift. How one adjusts to these shifts is up to you.

What will your truth allow to be your new “normal?”

Depending on your personal belief/doctrines/truths, does a shift make it right for you? If yes, we go with the flow. If no, how will you then live? What is the basis of your truth? Does your foundation of truth work everywhere, any place or anytime? What shifts in society are non-negotiables as per your foundation of truth?