When “Less” is “More”

breakfastI had a Life in a Lane moment recently.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

My wife and I were at a diner we’d frequented a dozen times before. Hurriedly we looked at our menus as the place was slammed with people, wanting to get our order to the waitress as quickly as possible.

As I looked through the menu I unfortunately had decided I wanted to eat something different than the usual. Like many of you, I ALWAYS get the usual. I scanned and scanned and then deleted all of the choices with bread, and then scanned again. The waitress came to our table and my wife’s order first.

I was still scrambling for my choice.

And that’s when I suddenly noticed a section of selections, seemingly for the first time that read, “Senior Adult Menu.” Underneath it said, “55 and Above.”

Ugh. Guess who is double-nickel?

I quickly ordered (off of the main menu – all I saw was the title of the section and promptly plunged into a funk) and as our waitress scurried off, I gave my wife a look of bewilderment that just about always prompts her to say, “What?” I shook my head and told her that this was the first time that I realized that I could choose off the entire menu.

She shook her head laughingly knowing exactly what I had just said. I had arrived to that lofty place where I was now considered by someone that I was a senior adult.


And there, in the midst of a perfectly designed opportunity to delve into a pity party, I realized that this was not the end but a beautiful beginning. I realized that if I order off of said menu that not only will I pay less for a meal, but also have smaller portions. And then it came to me, like the proverbial light had come on over my head. I’m admittedly at that place in life where I need to watch my pennies and also eat a little bit less.

Oh wow, life just got better.

Less is more.

Think of areas of your life where less is more. What are they? What are other less is more opportunities in your purview? Sometimes the best things in life are the simple…


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