As we are moving through this Christmas season I think about the concept of peace that a Christ follower can have because Christ came. This topic humorously reminds me of the lengths we will go to try to find a measure of peace in our own strength and power…

I had a series of interesting experiences in my first foray into the world of building security. It occurred while my wife and I were on staff at our home church in Auburn, Washington.  There had been a couple of break-ins, and so the church invested in an alarm system.  The problem was training the staff that when they entered the building, they had about 60 seconds to disarm the alarm. There were more than a few times that the alarm was not turned off and the police department came screaming into the parking lot!  My favorite time occurred when my wife was surrounded one evening by Auburn’s finest.

Peace, on whatever terms or levels, comes at a price.

That alarm system was expensive. When we consider the coming of Christ 2,000 years ago, there was a price that was eventually paid as well.

What does your peace cost?

Philippians 4:7



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