Surprise and Over Deliver

I previously posted this week that my wife Tami and I had attended a Saskatchewan Roughrider game in Regina. This is a Canadian Football League team, located on the plains of said province about three hours north of us in Williston, North Dakota. The closest National Football League team (American Football) is located a little over ten hours to the East in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My favorite team, the Seattle Seahawks, are about 18 hours away to the West.

That’s right, three hours and tickets costing a fraction of an NFL game is an easy choice on a tight schedule and budget…

Due to proximity, regional television coverage, and a boss whose favorite Canadian team is located in Regina, I became a fan.

I’ve been following the Roughriders for two years. This being our first CFL game, we were surprised to arrive in this substantial city that rises up out of the Canadian prairie to be full of rabid fans. It seemed that everywhere we looked over the weekend there were people wearing the trademark green colors of the team. And yet everyone we spoke with were skeptical about going to the game on Saturday night. The weather was rainy, the wind was howling at times and it just didn’t look like a good decision.

I forgot to mention that the team has been unwatchable at times this year. Just very poor play after a major overhaul of its front office and parts of the team. The key term we kept hearing from fans was “poor performance.”

I wonder if the phrase is a Canadian thingy?

The CFL season is nearing an end, and before last Saturday night, the Roughriders had only won two games. But remarkably, they had won last week, which perked up the fan base a bit. And then Saturday night came and went and they beat a team that had crushed them a month ago. The Roughriders beat them 20 to 18 in front of their comfortable home crowd (whenever a comfortable crowd is referenced, it means that there is room for everyone to lay down).

We arrived at a restaurant after the game. ALL OF THE STAFF were asking about the outcome of the game. It seemed like everyone wanted to know about the team that so many had stayed away from because of previous performance.

My guess is that the stands will be full at the next home game because they appear to have turned a corner on their poor performance. And yes, people will brave a snowstorm to support a winner.

It’s true…

No matter what we’ve done in the past, growing in something we are supposed to demonstrate expertise at as a profession earns the respect of others.

When was the last time you surprised others and over delivered after a poor performance?

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