Technically, What’s Free Costs

My wife Tami and I were in Regina, Saskatchewan for a CFL game over the weekend, and I took her out to breakfast (twice!).

Yes, the free one at the hotel…

Technically speaking, it wasn’t really free. We paid for those breakfasts in our room rate over two nights.

There are a lot of things that are “technically” free, but actually are not. Here’s a few to get our thinking going:

  • Our American Freedoms (people died to initiate and defend these)
  • Food on a cruise ship (trust me, you paid for all of it)
  • BOGO coupons, our “Buy One, Get One” free offers (stores find other ways to capture profit from the consumer to cover those costs)
  • Holding your child or grandchild and having a private laugh (you’ve invested your heart and life in these little ones to have that privilege)

When you think about it, the primary things that come to mind that we deem as being free, cost some thing along the way. Think, some entity or some person, some concerted action, some where. Even the ability to receive the free gift of eternal life to be a Christ follower cost Jesus His life on earth in a human shell.

We enjoy our coupons, our BOGO’s, and our “free” gifts that might be included in an infomercial pitch that says, “but wait, there’s more…”

Somewhere it costs…

Knowing that makes freely investing in others intentionally, that much more important. And everyone invests in someone.

What do you give to add value to the lives of others?

If you think about it, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised and understand, WE NEED YOU.

BTW – Hamilton Tiger Cats 18, Saskatchewan Roughriders 20. GO RIDERS!

Matthew 5:13-16

2 thoughts on “Technically, What’s Free Costs

  1. Yesterday I accompanied my husband to Bremerton to visit his ex-wife at Harrison hospital. Was there a cost? Sure. Was it worth the investment? Absolutely. Not for me, not for her, but for my husband and his adult children. Easy decision!

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  2. Great analogy and illustration Jane! You may find your “investment” there in the future as well.


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