The Price for What Works

The other day I needed a new tool in order to build a couple pieces of furniture for our home. Normally getting the green light to purchase any new instrument which is soon followed by making the “Tim Toolman Taylor Man Sound” is always cause for celebration. But there we were in our local Menards (for my West Coast friends, think of a cross between Lowes and Home Depot with some grocery items), being forced to spend about $25 more for an item than I wanted to.

Yes I was grumbling…

And yes, the directions for the project said I needed it.

I made my purchase, thinking that I had clearly been duped for something so small made mostly of plastic. Even my wife told me to just get it over with. It is such a specialty item that it is the same price EVERYWHERE (yes we checked). Apparently the imitators just don’t compare…

I brought the new devise home, pulling it out the next morning after getting most of my materials cut for my first project. I put this new “jig” on my first board, and moments later navigated the first pocket hole in my life for joining two pieces of wood together. I pulled the clamp off, holding the spendy device on my board.

And then it happened…

My neighbor was next door washing their truck and I was doing my project in my driveway. Before I realized what I was doing, I was so loudly shouting my accolades for my new tool that my neighbor stopped what they were doing to see if I was okay. I was not only shocked but knocked into the reality that I had clearly gotten a deal on this new tool. I was so excited that even my neighbor was impressed.

Funny how our perspective changes when we find something that was costly, but in the end is worth it all…

I couldn’t help but think in that moment about my journey in this life of being a Christian man. There is a sermon title that I think that most every pastor I’ve known has used. It is, “The High Cost of Cheap Grace.” Basically it means that a Christ follower should never take the price paid for our lives here and on earth and future eternity in heaven for granted. Simply put, Jesus paid a high price to cover the things that we do that separate us from a holy God.

For me it’s even more than that. I understand that it also applies to my personal surrender to Christ as well. We all want God on our own terms, but it just doesn’t work that way. Think about it – dictating terms to the Creator of the universe.

Yeah, it doesn’t make sense…

He dictates the terms – my heart, my life, my all. I wish I could say He has my all, all of the time. The truth is, I’m not perfect. Like buying that tool that worked so beautifully, I’ve learned that I’d pay any price for the grace that Jesus provides.

Oh yes, the imitators don’t compare…

Whose terms do you function from when it comes to your spiritual life? In the bigger picture, does it make sense?



One thought on “The Price for What Works

  1. Thank you, Mike, for sharing your life experiences. And good luck on your project! I always find life goes more smoothly when I surrender all. It’s just so much a part of our human nature to do it ourselves, I guess!


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