Start Here…

Welcome to my new blog!

The purpose of these writings is to be a source of help and encouragement in the lives of others. Humbly, I point to two qualifications to share the hundreds and perhaps thousands of stories that will follow. The first is my long years of experience in previous decades of helping others while being a vocational pastor. It has been a privilege to walk with others through life’s ups and downs, victories and defeats. About the time you think you’ve seen everything, something new rises up. Secondly, I’m still learning myself, and do not presume to have “arrived” at some place of perfection. While I’m looking forward to that day, I know it will not happen until I am directly in the presence of deity. On that day we will all know what it means to be unworthy…

Over this first shortened week I will share with you a few insights as to who I am so you can better understand the significance behind this new season of blogging for me.

Life in a Lane recognizes that regardless of what lane we are cruising in through life, we are ALL in a lane.  What we do in that lane is what matters. I would be humbled to have you join me by receiving my feed via email in the column to the right on the blog page.

To begin with, here are a few things you should know:

  • I’m a friend
  • I’m a husband
  • I’m a father
  • I am a Christian man, with degrees in Christian ministry
  • I will post three to four times per week
  • I will write on a wide variety of topics
  • I will not waste great quotes and great ideas from others, using them to encourage, equip and inspire others
  • Wednesday’s will normally feature a “Wednesday’s Wisdom” post/quote/idea that you can use in life and work
  • I will be asking for help from you the reader along the way
  • Be sure to check out my platform at as it will continue to expand in content to help in the lane that you’re traveling in.

For the journey,






One thought on “Start Here…

  1. Thank you for doing this! I think I’m going to love it!


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