You’re a Day Early!

Hi Friend,

You’ve caught us testing our website, a day early! We’re leaving it online so everything will be ready for our official reveal in the morning, Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 6 AM.

Famously, this reminds my wife Tami and I of a “soft” opening for Walmart. They open a new store a week ahead of their Official Grand Opening to work out the kinks and glitches with their new sales associates, inventory and systems. And then they tell their associates to only tell their family and friends to show up…

Yeah, right.

I went once to a “soft” open for Walmart in Hermiston, Oregon. That’s when I realized the entire population of 12,000 were all under one roof at the same time.

That’s right, no air to breath.

Here’s the funny part: you’re breathing just fine right now. We’re the ones doing the last minute scramble, inserting pieces and removing items that just aren’t ready yet. Back and forth we go…

And yes, there will be glitches. That’s why we’re having this “soft” opening.

For the Journey!

Mike & Tami Johnson


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